5 Best Android Apps January 2019

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January 1, 2019

5 Best Android Apps January 2019 Premium APK Version

Hello, such friends, as you saw in the title of the video, this time I’m going to share 5 Best Android Apps January 2019 for Android device. So I hope and the video is to your liking, remember that if it was, no forget to subscribe to the channel, share the video with your friends and leave your thumb up for more content like this.


5 Best Android Apps January 2019

5 Best Android Apps January 2019

DOWNLOAD WallHub PRO is an online purchase and sale application that, unlike other services such as eBay, will allow us to establish a relationship directly with other users, without the need for intermediaries to take part of the money. The application will allow us to filter the products by category. In this way, if we are interested in fashion products, we can see only fashion products; and if we are looking only for video games, we can only watch video games.

The prices of the products are marked by sellers in the advertisement itself, although they can leave the door open for negotiation. In fact, when dealing with sales within areas close to our position, in many cases changes are also allowed for other items that we have for sale. WallsHub will indicate at all times the distance to which a potential sale is located. Thanks to this we will know if we could stay with the person with whom we are interested in doing business, or if on the contrary we will have to use postal mail.

WallsHub is a very interesting buying / selling service, since it will allow us to do business with other users without giving a single euro to intermediaries. The problem with this, of course, is that we can be more easily exposed to scams … but that is a problem that we must solve on our own.


Appflix Premium:

5 Best Android Apps January 2019

5 Best Android Apps January 2019

DOWNLOAD Appflix is ​​a very good application that offers its users the possibility to choose between a wide library of movies and series to watch from the comfort of your mobile device. The operation of Appflix is ​​simple: when you start the application, a list of the latest movies added appears (coincident, in general, with the latest releases at the box office).

The users will only have to choose which movie they want to see and a table with the different languages ​​and qualities in which the movies can be seen will be displayed before them. Click on the option that best suits your needs and decide if you want to watch the movie online or if you prefer to download it.  In the event that you decide to download the movie, you will only have to click on the “download” button and the download of the audiovisual content will start automatically, which will be saved in its corresponding folder, within the application.

Appflix is ​​a good tool to have hundreds of movie titles at your fingertips.


YMusic Donwloader:

DOWNLOAD YMusic (Youtube Music by Khang) is an application that will allow us to listen to the audio of Youtube videos even with the screen off. When we are playing a video from the YouTube app and turn off the screen of the device, it stops playing. However, from YMusic YouTube music player & downloader we can listen to any video and continue doing it even with the screen off.

The main feature of YMusic YouTube music player & downloader is to listen to YouTube videos with the screen of the terminal turned off, but it is not the only one. From the app we can also download any song from YouTube and store it in different formats directly in the memory of the device.  

Youtube Music by Khang is a very, very interesting application. Thanks to it we can listen to music on YouTube in ‘streaming’ as if we were using Spotify or another similar app. And if this were not enough, we can also download videos to the terminal memory to listen to them without an Internet connection



DOWNLOAD TORNHub You know what i meant by man :v. Is the official application of the FOX television channel, thanks to which we can access all the content of FOX, FOX +, FX, National Geographic and FOX Kids. Movies, series, cartoons, documentaries, sporting events … all from the screen of our Android device. In order to enjoy all this content, as usual, we will need to subscribe to the FOX Play service. 5 Best Android Apps January 2019

As expected, all FOX Play content is in high definition. And as expected, we can enjoy all this content in several languages ​​and with several subtitle options. In addition, we will be the first to have access to such important series as The Walking Dead. And what is better, we will find all its chapters perfectly ordered, ready to be reproduced. Among the most interesting features of the application, we find the possibility of retaking any reproduction at the exact point where we left it, or the creation of alerts. Thanks to the creation of alerts, we will never miss any interesting sporting event.

FOX Play is an absolutely essential application for FOX customers. And it is because it offers a huge amount of content, with outstanding quality. The interface of the application, in addition, is elegant and accessible.


DOWNLOAD VPNhub is a private and free VPN that will allow us to surf the Internet anonymously, without geographical restrictions, overcoming firewalls, and hiding all our private information. In this way, we can navigate with total security through any public WiFi network.

The free version of VPNhub will only allow us to connect through the United States. Now, if we hire any of the ‘premium’ VPNhub plans we can connect to the Internet through more than a dozen different regions, including Australia, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Korea or Singapore, among others. One of the strong points of VPNhub is its simple interface. Simply press the screen once to activate the VPN and start surfing safely. In addition, in the configuration options we will only find the possibility of receiving notifications. Nothing else.

VPNhub is an excellent VPN application, which offers good features and an easy-to-use interface. A secure and powerful solution to surf the Internet with anonymity and confidence.

I hope you enjoy having 5 Best Android Apps January 2019 have fun enjoy!

Lastly i want to say is Happy new year 2019 my all Friends 🙂

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