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November 1, 2018

7 Best Android apps November 2018

Hey guys what’s going on today in this article I will share 7 best Android apps November.  I will upload these type of content weekly now so that I could give you all the freaking update of top base awesome application. 😁

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So here are the awesome apps and you must try these:


Best Android apps November


Who don’t love 3d audio. With boom you can listen your library song in 3 dimensional. You can get magical 3d boom surround sound plus you can have extra bass.

Features of this apps:

  • 3d sound
  • Stream on Spotify and tidal integrated
  • Handcrafted equalizer
  • 20000 + radio and podcast available worldwide
  • Playing music via cloud

Find it:

7 Best Android apps November

I wonder if you are the documents lover and you live to search documents then this app is the must have for you. With find it you can find any words in books, products and any paper that you want. This app actually use Google OCR library to scan and find the word that you search.  It’s just same as computer CTRL+ F button which help you to find word through your camera which I think is crazy.

Quick lyrics:

Best Android apps November

If your listening to the music sometime you feel you want to sing the song that your listening. Because you love to sing so at that time you will need to search lyrics so it’s time consuming and you need to search on Google sometime you will view ads and so on so I don’t recommend that for you. Well with quick lyrics you can view that after playing song on your devices.

It just work I don’t know how but this work with any music player that you are using.

You can sync up song and lyrics at once and song it throughout. Or you can read lyrics in text format as well.

Feature of this app:

  • Offline lyrics
  • Fastest searcher
  • Sync lyrics for karaoke
  • Floating lyrics like music x match
  • Quickly download lyrics for whole library
  • Shazam alternative to identify songs

There is premium version of this app and it have more features than free.

Hermit lite app browser:

Best Android apps November


This app let you convert any website to lite base web version so make sure to try this app.

If you want to save battery then convert all web app to lite mode like Facebook,Instagram and so on.

After replacing your lite app you can save battery easily.

Cpu identifier:

Best Android apps November

Cpu identifier

If you are curious about your devices spec then you can use this app to know what specs are used by your devices.This is hardware diagnostic and analysis tool.  It will display all the detail information of your device. Including could, gpu, ram, motherboard chipset and son on..


  • System info
  • CPU info
  • GPU info
  • Memory info
  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Battery
  • Sensors


Idea note:

Screenshot Image


This note is like pull it work simple as easy as you think. It have speech recognition you can take note anywhere you want.

Also save your voice once you record it.


  • Voice note
  • Saves time
  • Using labels
  • Edit and modify at anytime
  • Easy to use

Shapical X:

Best Android apps November


This app allows you to create beautiful art work as photoshop. You can find huge photo on unplash with this app and you can freely edit any photo that you love to edit.


  • Layers supported
  • Object fills
  • Effect and adjustment
  • Unsplash as photo library

Watch this video version of this article 🙂  thank you ! 😀

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