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May 9, 2020

Download deezerloader APK 2020

Hey guys what is going on today in this article I am here about to share you on how to download deezerloader apk for free.

Yes, you hear that right we can use deezerloader for free now. As it just got mod, now you guys are able to get all those premium features for free 😁❤️

What is deezer?

Let’s meet deezer first, if you are new to deezer and don’t know what is it? Here is the sweet short answer, deezer is french music streaming service just alternative to Spotify

If you have use Spotify then you should be familiar to deezer! 

Best part deezer can spit you ,flac audio where as Spotify can just spit out mp3 only sadly.

Know more about flac and mp3 here.



What is deezerloader?

Hey, nice questions mate, this is the software created by Reddit guys and it is available on git-hub site official, since deezer notice it. So now it is only available on their telegram channels 😭

This app is basically downloading songs from deezer server for free and best part you can also download song on 1112 kbps FLAC audio. 

Trust me you will love this app once you install because your able to download songs for free without trace. 

Click below to download deezerloader


>>>>>>Download deezerloader here<<<<<<

Who developed deezerloader apk

Basically i dont know who made this app or i want to crreit them here as well ❤️. Because this app pretty amazing, for downloading hq music.

You can basically check their work and effort on their telegram channel 🙂 they also allow to contribution because this app is open source. So if you have any idea then you can contact them and contribute straight to their github or telegram.


Do I need root to install deezerloader

No, you don’t need to have a rooted device to use deezerloader apk. 

So this modded app doesn’t require any root access and which I think is the lifesaver of your android. As we all know the root, your devices are severe killing or suicide.But if you have root access don’t worry you can still run deezerloader apk


Is this a trail

No 🙂  it’s not a trail it’s the premium modded APK. Don’t worry about anything like subscription or creditcard. Just download and chill 👍 😉


How to install deezerloader apk?

All you guys need to do is download deezerloader apk from above download link ❤️ Youtube Red APK[/caption]

Then you also need to check the unknown sources on your android devices to install this apk file. Because this app is third party and modded.

You can go to setting and find the security and then you will find the unknown sources tab just check it. 🙂

Download deezerloader APK 2020


Once you have done that you need to go to the down


load folder and then install the deezerloader apk. Tap on next continuously, and it should get installed. 🙂

Now you have all features of deezerloader.! 


What are the deezerloader feature currently


Main changes:

  •   + Loginless download is back!
  •     + You can still login in the Settings to view your playlists
  •     + Added option to export ARL
  •   + Localization Support
  •   + Merged Download from URL tab into Search tab
  •   + Improved memory usage during downloads (Now you can download Continuous Mixes)
  •   + Updated and improved UI
  •     + Better feedback for errors and warnings
  •     + Toast messages are forced to the bottom
  •     + Made darkmode darker
  •     + Charts are now alphabetically ordered
  •     + Redesigned Download tab
  •     + Made download bars more responsive
  •     + Added PWA metadata for servermode
  •   + Changed folder management structure
  •     + Added create playlist folder option
  •     + Added template names for playlist and artist folder

New Features:

  •   + Added ID3v1 support
  •   + Divided options for Local and Embedded cover size
  •   + Added 2000×2000 cover option
  •   + Added Case Settings for title and artists
  •   + Added REST API
  •   + Added Select song for Spotify Playlists
  •   + Added support for 360 audio [No way to play them tho]
  •   + Added option to rename the playlist file with the name of the folder

Bugs fixes:

  •   + Finished implementing Save playlist as Compilation
  •   + Fixed artwork caching
  •   + Fixed issues with autologin not working properly
  •   + Fixed the error ‘ENOENT: no such file or directory, mkdir’
  •   + Fixed artist tags being too excessive
  •   + Fixed Explicit Variable on tracknames
  •   + Fixed fallbacks not working properly

How to login in deezerloader APK ?

Past days you needed to login it but right now you don’t need to. But still u can login to your deezer account and get benefits of downloading your favorite songs and playlist ♥️🧒😁

So if you wanted to login you can check this video as a guide on how to generate token for deezerloader server authentication.

Thank you guys that’s all I hope it helps you out on install youtube red apk for free.

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Peace, it’s haxoid!

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