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April 15, 2018

How To Download Spotify Songs For Free 2018

Hi everyone hope you guys are fine today. Right now i’m here to demonstrate you how to download spotify songs in 320 kbps.


  • Windows  7/8/10
  • spotizr acces(Playlist importer)
  • Software to download (DezzerReborn)

So actually the logic here is we are going to import songs or spotify playlist to deezer website. Download will be done from the software easily!


First thing here is you must access the spotizr site to import spotify playlist.

Note:  First You  need to singup for deezer in order to download spotify songs!

So go to spotizr.com then copy and paste your spotify playlist link or song link in spotizr site.

download spotify songs

copy link

paste the link in spotizr:

Download DeezerReborn here!

download spotify songs

paste link

All you need to do is import the playlist to deezloader so now click on import simply 🙂 and you can get all your spotify playlist song imported to deezer account. It’s simple! 🙂

download spotify songs

copy link from deezer playlist

Once you have imported the playlist it should show you up playslit on deezer too. And copy the deezer playlist link  then paste this link on to the deezerReborn program and click on download.

download spotify songs

Click on download

Once you have download check your music folder you can pretty much see that you have 320 kbps high quality MP3 🙂
Just go to the download folder and  see the properties of music file you must see 320 kbps on it. We downloaded these songs for free from deezer actually.  🙂

what we did is just imported the spotify playlist songs on deezer account and we uuse deezloader reborn to download all the entire playlist. 🙂 Hope this tutorial help you a lot!

if you want to download spotify premium mod for android you can click  below.

Download spotify premium mod here!

I hope you like this tutorial so please make sure to share this with your friends and family. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Screen Shots

    You really need to add some screen shots not only for users to follow along but also as proof this actually works, else it’s just another fake site with potential virus spreading


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