This guide i will show you how to install Kali Linux nethunter on android phone without root.
Yes i mean no root you can install kali Linux nethunter entire  full version OS Just like your desktop.

I won’t be guaranteeing you to become a Elliot Alderson AKA Mr.robot after taking this guide because this guide just shows you how to install kali Linux nethunter on android phone without root easily for free.

What is kali linux nethunter 

If you have watched MR.Robot series then you might already know what kali Linux net hunter is..

But for my friends who don’t know what kali Linux nethunter is, this is a Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing and ethical hacking.

After Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone Will It Destroy my phone ?

No way it’s not going to kill your phone by Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone, it’s 100% safe to install it. You can uninstall termux to erase all data 🙂

Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone


So why to Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone?

Well you can use kali Linux nethunter for ethical hacking purposes, you can do whatever you want to.
With great power comes great responsibility.
With great power comes great responsibility. - MagicalQuote

You can literally use it for your own purpose.

It’s technically installed so it might seem hard to you while installing Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone but it is not that hard at all. 😎

What you need to do to Before you install kali Linux Nethunter?

You will need more than 9 gig storage on your internal phone storage. Because you’re about to install a whole freaking operating system in your phone right now.
Well unfortunately you cant install kali linux net hunter in SD card. 😥

We also need help from termux to install kali linux nethunter on android without root  😍

So  let’s began, So first let’s install needy software on to your Android,
From play store download termux and go to nethunter page and download nethunter store from there. 


From the nethunter store you guys can download, nethunter kex which is VNC software.
It helps us to login to GUI mode which is basically Graphical User interface, of kali linux, instead of using CUI or terminal or command line interface.


Install kali linux nethunter:

So to install kali Linux open up Termux in android. It should show you like this:

Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone

Note: All the commands in this guide are Case sensitive so make sure to type in exact letter capital and small just do it.

First we need to download the ISO file of kali Linux, but before that we also need to install a package called WGET, because wget help us to download files from termux or terminal.

1.Type termux-setup-storage ( for setting up the termux storage)
2.Type pkg install wget  and tap enter and it should install Wget simply.

3.Then copy and paste this wget -O install-nethunter-termux

command i have given you guys

You can also check below download button which contain   all the commands.

4.Then Once again type or paste this: chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

5.And finally to install paste this command: ./install-nethunter-termux

Then it’s going to download 1.4GB iso file, it will take some time this depends upon your internet speed.


Download all commands by clicking here

Now after downloading kali linux nethunter iso from the internet it’s going to extract iso files and install into our android device 🥰 This process will take more than 20 minutes , also it depends upon your device performance. 

So sit back, relax and drink some coffee till then I’m going to pause this video and come back soon  🙂

Now after installation it’s going to ask you one more question . do you want to delete the rootfs file or not then simply yes press Y and hit enter.
Install Kali Linux Nethunter On Android Phone

Now you’re in the kali Linux Operating system.

Congratulation guys you have successfully entered to kali Linux CUI ( command line interface )

Problem in installing net hunter · Issue #137 · Hax4us/Nethunter-In-Termux  · GitHub

Now it have shown us all the useful commands above in green highlighted text.

To start kali Linux in CLI mode: Type nethunter  | For Root nethunter -r  ( r for Root mode )


Now you are in kali linux rootless

You can try typing uname for to know your system name. Uname -r or  -a  for more information.

Type Clear to clear out terminal command lines. ( To Clean clutter text’s or commands) 


Kali Linux Nethunter in GUI 

Now let me show you how to go to GUI mode by setting up kex password.

To set up the kex password you can type kex space password and type your desired password. And verify it.

Press Y on the view only password.

Now with kex your about to start VNC server,

So type Kex  

As soon as you press enter now it’s going to show you VNC port information.
All we need  is the RFB port Number and you’re about to paste it over the VNC app.

How to install kali-Linux on an android phone without root - Errorsfind

Now open up nethunter kex app then input RFB port number in Local host Simply press on connect,

Install Kali Nethunter in Android phone using Termux. – Termux Teach Hindi

Boom your in GUI mode of kali linux, This is complete kali linux desktop you can do everything here as you can do in desktop version of kali linux,.
NetHunter Rootless | Kali Linux Documentation

You can use all of these hacking tools as well and take advantage on your own and hack or breach lol,, but i won’t recommend you to do those stupid things.

Just use it as educational purpose not for hacking, i am not responsible for anything mistake you have done.

You will need to input password in terminal.
So the password for non-Root kali login is : Kali itself. By inputting Sudo su and typing password. It lets you give root access.

Or if you want to login with completely root then Please exit season by typing kex stop on termux and exit termux completely.

Once again launch termux , This time in nethunter make sure to include -r that will give you root access from CUI as well as GUi and you can still use tools inside termux as well 🙂

Well this is how to install kali linux nethunter On Android Phone as a hacking desktop. 
You can even hack wifi with kali linux, and not just that it can do many thing that i have listed image over here.

A Brief Overview of Kali Linux Tools - Yeah Hub

Yes this is the powerful operating system, that your now  running inside your android.

You can google or YouTube search any tool name for learning kali Linux & also you can learn Linux commands from google.

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I hope you like this guide , If you did enjoy be sure to share this content. I really appreciated  Also don’t forget to comment down any of your problem.
Thank you so much for reading this article, It’s haxoid signing out 

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