How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

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January 5, 2022

Hello guys, today in this article, I will show you how to install kali Linux on android without root.

And avoid any errors also this is especially offline installation…

What is kali Linux nethunter?

In short kali Linux nethunter is a desktop version of Kali Linux that you can run on your android without root.
Of course this is also used for ethical hacking purposes and it is a powerful Linux operating system as well.

Why you should install kali linux on android?

You need to install kali linux on your android because you can use it as full desktop UI.

Not just you can even use all of those hacking tools like metasploit, armitage, burpsuite and SQL injection and lot of other tools.
In a simple words, this is way powerful than you think so if you want to learn ethical hacking on your android then you should install it. 🙂

So Let’s get started, 

Let’s install Kali Linux on android step by step!

Scroll Down to the end to download all neccesaary files at once

Step one: Downloading neccesaary files

Download these 2 apps “Files” and “Nethunter Kex“. After downloading both apps make sure to install them into your device.

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

need these 2 apps to install kali Linux on android

Next, go to the play store and download Termux.

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022
Dowloading termux

And the last thing to download is the Kali Linux ISO file and BASH Script. 
Note: (bash script is uploaded to anonfile because mediafire are not allowing me to upload dot SH extension file )

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022
ISO and BASH file

The iso file is huge it’s about 3 gigabytes so you need to drink some coffee while it’s downloading 😂

And here you guys need a files app because you can use this file Manager directly to navigate Termux storage, and trust me this is going to help you a lot while copying files in Termux storage.

Step Two: installing kali linux on android

Now after you guys have downloaded all the necessary files open Termux.

So here m about to show you the offline installation process so we don’t need to update Termux repository and we are not going to use WGET as well.

Note guys all the commands that I have used in termux are case sensitive so make sure to type exactly or just copy and paste from my website. 

So let’s set up storage by executing this command ” termux-setup-storage ”  now tap on enter and tap on allow. 

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022
Termux storage setup

Now type lS to confirm that you have a storage setup. 

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

Now as you guys have set up storage you guys need to go back and open the file manager application and navigate to the downloaded folder

 and then copy both of these files by tapping on the three-dot icon and then tap on copy to then tap on the burger icon then you should see Termux 

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

So tap on Termux again.. then simply copy both of these files in the root directory of Termux 

And it’s going to take some time as you can see copy progress at notification pannel.

Now we have both files pasted in Termux. 

You can also check from Termux by executing the LS command

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

Now you can see that we have a script file here ..

 So we need to make this script file executable so that we can easily install Kali Linux nethunter. 

To make it executable you need to execute this command.

chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

Now tap on Enter button

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

So as you can see that by typing LS command again we can see the script has is executable and it changes its color to green.

As I have told you this is a bash file so to execute this bash file in termux all you need to do is 

Type ./install-nethunter-termux

And now tap on Enter and boom there we go.

 We have not used WGET or updated termux repositories and now we are installing this without any Hassle of error stuff. 

Step Three: Install kali linux on android

Right now the script is running to verify our iso file 

But this is going to take some time, maybe minutes. So patience is needed here and also don’t turn off the screen and don’t run any apps in the background let your phone remain still. 

Now after you see those matrix lines 

It’s going to give you a popup blue line question.? the existing image file found and do you want to delete the file and download a new one ?? 

 So this is a very important step here.

 Just simply press N because we have already downloaded the Kali Linux ISO file.

 If you press Y it will download the iso file again but m pretty sure you will end up with an error. So just press N it’s totally fine.

After pressing N this is going to extract the iso file and it’s going to take a ton of time maybe more than 20 minutes.

 After finishing it’s going to ask you again do you want to delete the root file ?? 

 So if you want to save storage and delete the iso file then you can delete it so press Y if no press N.

 Well, you already have the iso file in the download folder so it’s good to delete it so press Y.

Step Four: Running Kali Linux Shell & Setting up GUI

Now you guys are in Kali Linux Nethunter shell.

To start Kali Nethunter simply  type Nethunter 

Now to set up the GUI you will need to set up a kex password first.

So type kex passwd and type your desire password and verify it.

It’s going to ask for a view-only password so type Y and repeat the same password.

And verify again.

As we have set up the kex 

Now we can launch the GUI version of Kali Linux nethunter.

To start GUI execute this command: Kex & and press enter.

Now, this is going to start a VNC server & also you can see the display, RFB port.

How to install kali Linux on android without root 2022

Now open Nethunter kex App.

Make sure it’s on localhost and type your kex password here then press on connect.

 Well guys,  there you go we are on a fully functioning Kali Linux Nethunter desktop GUI mod.

 And you can launch all the tools and use them against your wish.

Well, I am not responsible for your bad behavior by hacking someone’s data.. 

So use it wisely you can learn its a tool from YouTube there are tons of tutorials regarding Kali Linux.

 Keep learning Linux 

The password for root is Kali 

Now to stop the  VNC server go back to the terminal and type kex stop.

Well guys that’s it I hope you found this tutorial more useful.

 Thank you for reading this blog see you next time!

All commands and download stuff for easy access:

Commands ( case sensitive )

1: termux-setup-storage

2: ls ( to check your directory)

3: chmod +x install-nethunter-termux ( to make executable)

4: ./install-nethunter-termux

Download these

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