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October 5, 2018

Download Ogyoutube APK MOD Latest version for free.

Hello and welcome back you all my friends today i am here about to share with you the OGYoutube APK For free Download.

100% truth you hear that right word we can use YouTube MOD it’s new but also the old thing. 🙂  As OgYoutube APK was just modified with great Features. We will discuss more on later.

What is OGYoutube?

In the old memory OGYoutube was a best YouTube client that lets you to download any awesome video from YouTube but now that option is missed.

Now it’s just a modded free version YouTube which let you play your awesome video background float and also you can play by closing android. 🙂

OGYoutube APK

Download OGYoutube APk

This app work great and i recommend you to replace with your normal YouTube because it’s fully modded and you have lot of things to be done right now so let’s get started with OGYOutube APK.

Who Developed OGYoutube APK MOD?

The OGYoutube apk mod was developed or modify by person name OsamaGhareeb. I  couldn’t hunt more detail about this guy but i know he use to run ogmods.net.

Right now  this guy have moded 2 apps currently one is ogyoutube and next is oGinsta+where you guys can download images from that apk. 🙂
Well i didn’t got his fully Identity but this might help you.

G+: https://plus.google.com/+OsamaGhareeb

Github: https://github.com/OsamaGhareeb


OGYoutube APK

Download OGYoutube

Well i only got these links of this awesome guy. 🙂 You can also contact him if you want to report any bugs or donate some coffee

>>>>>Download APK files here<<<<<

Do i need to root my device for to install OGyoutube apk ?

As earlier days you needed to Root your devices to use this app but right now still you don’t need any root permission to use this app which i think is pretty good idea.

Cause rooting my break your devices soon so not recommend to do that either. 🙂

Thanks for OGyoutube Guy he save our devices from being broken 🙂

Can i watch YouTube Red Programs with OGYoutube APK?

No sorry since this app is just moded version of normal YouTube app you can’t watch any of the YouTube red shows for free. Well there is no way we can watch YouTube red shows unless you pay for YouTube red subscription. 🙂  So chill we can’t watch any YouTube red series.

OGYoutube APK

BAckground play and foreground youtube

However you will not see any ads with this APK that’s the goodies thing 🙂 😀

About the OGYOutube APK.

Well there is nothing i need to say but this app is third party app that you guys can’t find in google play or play store.

As we all know that all of the underrated app are missing on google play  because it is made in that type that google play store wont accept according to they didn’t follow their rules.

As i have already told you just earlier that it’s download feature is not working right now you can only surf YouTube video and play background.

But still it’s more awesome than normal YouTube that your been using right now.

Why to use OGYoutube APK?

Well you should definitely use this app if your still using the normal YouTube app cause at least OGyoutube have great features.

Like in earlier days it let us to download video from not just YouTube also from Facebook, v clip and v sauce.. Etc.

This apk was so underrated that people started to root their devices to use it. Cause in past days it was rooted app.  

But right now you don’t need any root access cause developer just avoid root mod on OGyoutube apk.

When should is use OGyoutube APk?

iF you are still confused then i will recommend you to use OGyoutube whenever you are using facebook or browsing something but you still don’t want to miss your videos. 🙂  it does helo trust me 🙂

You can also use it while you are cooking food and want to listen music and save battery by turning off screen 🙂  which i think is pretty good. Thanks for it’s background support.

Features of Ogyoutube APK:

  • You can play Video background in floating.
  • You can turn off your device and play video or music.
  • You can download video.
  • Swipe horizontally to volume up and vertically to increase brightness.
  • Special codec included to boost streaming.
  • Kill all ads and make ads free.
  • More on.

OGYoutube APK

How to login in to OGyoutube APk ?

Well this app required you to use microGOGYT to login your YouTube account. It’s same like YouTube vanced. 🙂

So make sure to install Both given program from above and your good to go.

Install YouTube OG and install micro G YT too 🙂

The you will be able to login your youtube channel or account.

Thank you for reading this article i hope it help you and  your able to download let comment by you if you have any trouble.

Video mode 🙂

If you love YouTube red apk then click here~! <3

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