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June 3, 2019

Download YouTube Music Premium APK MOD Latest Version 2019

Hey guys what is going on today in this article i will show you guys how to download youtube Music premium apk mod latest version 2019

You exactly heard that true what i just said. You can now enjoy using youtube music premium services for free. The best part is that you can even download the songs and listen them offline or online as you wish 🙂  

What is youtube Music Premium?

Youtube Music premium is the app or services that is given by youtube for everyone to listen music. The best part of this app this that you can listen all youtube music without ads skip or any ads at all.

It’s cool to have feature like that because no one like distracting there music with ads popping at no time.

Who developed youtube Music Premium APk MOD?

This app is mod by anonymous person and i can’t find the owner who mod it. Please if any one know who mod this app comment down the name at least so i could give him a credit.

Youtube music Premium apk mod is packed with all premium features on it.  

Do I need root to install Youtube Music Premium APK?

Nope you never need to root your android phone to install youtube music premium apk. Rooting really suck and i don’t recommend anybody to root their devices even it is emergency. Because once you root your phone you will lose warranty or void it.

Next it is way risky option that your going to root. But don’t worry mah friends you don’t need to root your devices because youtube music premium apk doesn’t require any root access for you. 🙂  So chill and install the app feel free to do that.

Is this like youtube Music Free trial?

Nope it is not, this app is pre packed with lifetime Premium mod. It means you can always listen to youtube for free without any payment needed. Like you don’t need to put any credit card detail on it.  

NOte: But it will still show you go premium but forget that cause it is modded and it will just show that as a static.

How to install youtube Music premium Apk?

Installing these days with microG is bit a tricky guys so you need to listen this carefully now.

So, the very first thing i want to say is that you can’t login using microG anymore. But i will show you the method to bypass the microG login fix too. 😉

It is very easy to use so no worry follow my guide step by step.

First thing you need to uninstall 2 apps from your android devices which use to run google services in background.

You need to uninstall chrome and android web viewer before you even install your apps  otherwise it will not work for you. So please make sure to uninstall these both app from your devices.

If you can’t uninstall you can disable it. Some devices won’t let you uninstall it that’s why!

So go to play store and search “ Android web viewer” then disable it

Youtube music premium apk

In your case it will show installed  just uninstall or disable it right now.

Also do same thing on google chrome. Search google chrome in play store and disable it as well 🙂

disable google chrome

Now after you guys have uninstalled every google stuffs now you guys are ready to jump for installing the youtube music premium apk. 😀


DOwnload Youtube music Premium apk

Then you also need to check the unknown sources on your android devices to install this apk file. Because this app is third party and modded.

You can go to setting and find the security and then you will find the unknown sources tab just check it. 🙂

Now download youtube music premium apk from above then you will see 3 files over there for youtube music premium apk.

So you need to install them according your cpu base like x86, x64 bit or arm version.  To check your Cpu you can use CPU-z app from playstore

CPU z check your architecture

After checking your processor or kernel architecture you can install your apk from that 3 files.

How to login in youtube Music premium APK ?

The now you need to install microG. You need microG to login to your YouTube account so that you can easily download songs and listen your favorite songs 🙂

Youtube music premium apk

And now you guys can login to your YouTube account easily without any login problem.

Make sure you have disable chrome and android system web viewer.

Just tap on sign in and then you can login easy peasy.

YouTube Music Premium APK MOD

YouTube Music Premium APK MOD

Just simple  than you think 🙂 😀

What are the youtube Music premium features?

  • You can play all music in background even with screen lock with this mod.
  • No root required for installation
  • Kill all ads and listen pure music without ads popup at nowhere
  • You can download all the music and listen them for offline
  • You can buffer faster cause your using youtube server.
  • You can Discover new music and see what’s in trending
  • You can find any music that you’re looking for
  • Crisp Audio quality for music
  • … More on

NOw that’s all hope you guys got what are you looking for if not please comment down below and i will instantly check your comment.

Thank you guys that’s all I hope it helps you out on install youtube Music premium apk for free.

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Peace, it’s haxoid!

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